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The Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Approved Courses Reporting System will help you identify equivalent pre-major/beginning major courses in a specific subject area at Ohio public colleges and universities. If the current and destination institutions have approved course matches during the same time period, those courses are considered equivalent. For the best results, make sure to input the term and year of the course that you took or will be taking.

Approved TAG courses and their associated credit hours are guaranteed to transfer and apply toward the specific major at any of Ohio’s public colleges and universities. To find out more about the TAGs, check out our TAG information page.

Consult with your academic advisor at your current institution as well as at the destination institution before signing up for any courses.

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Additional Information:

After your selection, check out the Directions on How to Use button above to learn the definitions of terms, as well as how to use the system. The Understanding the Results button will help you interpret the search results, including providing information on Direct Equivalencies, No Direct Equivalencies and No Transfer Guarantee.

Bilateral/Local transfer agreements between Ohio public colleges and universities still exist and are not reflected in this Reporting System.  This Reporting System contains only information about approved statewide TAG courses.  Visit  to view these and other transfer course equivalencies.

If you have any questions or need any further clarification, please contact Michelle Blaney,

Last Updated: 06/28/2019